Whether you live in New York, London, or Sydney, chances are you've already caught a glimpse of Wyuna - photographed as one of the iconic landscapes in the acclaimed 100% Pure New Zealand campaign, a campaign where only the most spectacular locations were used to promote this extraordinary country.

Wyuna has a long history of capturing the imagination of the people that come here. From the indigenous Maori people who passed this way centuries ago to find the precious pounamu, or greenstone, to the miners who came here to reap their fortunes off the land - gold, silver, and scheelite - to the gentlemen farmers who established high-country stations (many of whom remain today), this region has always offered something of a treasure. Today it's the promise of uninterrupted views that are second to none, access to incredible outdoor recreation and a lifestyle that is only a dream anywhere else in the world. This is a never to be repeated opportunity to own your slice of paradise. Ironically, Paradise really is just around the corner.