Location: New Zealand

The real New Zealand statistics are a virtual list of why the New Zealand lifestyle is so unique. Things are very different here, very rational, very uncomplicated. Those who have experienced New Zealand would probably call it perfect. Those who have experienced Wyuna Preserve call it Paradise.

New Zealand is an English speaking country the size of the United Kingdom; it consists primarily of two main islands, the South Island and the North Island. There are more people in Phoenix than in the entire South Island. This country has no dangerous animals or insects and has a living standard better than most developed countries. 42% of the land is part of the conservation estate and protected in its natural state. The country is linked to the world by regular international jet services to Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown.
The New Zealand Way is a phrase that has been coined that is typical of the people of this country - a can do attitude, a willingness to befriend a stranger, to accept people from all parts of the world into what they call 'Godzone'.

New Zealand, the youngest country in the world, offers an exceptional way of life. This is a country where a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle exists in harmony with the environment. The setting for Wyuna Preserve is exactly that - modern convenience, community and comfort amongst vast tracts of protected conservation landscape. Literally close to Paradise.

If you wanted to find a large private paradise, this is where you find it - in the South Pacific, far from the turmoil of the world. To the first time visitor to New Zealand the feeling borders on astonishment - a modern sophisticated society with no crowds, one of the world's highest living standards and absolutely breathtaking, un-spoilt scenery - a garden of Eden without snakes or any dangerous animals. In the South Island the mountain landscape is even more remarkable - an untouched wilderness, but with everything you could ever want.
New Zealand is constantly rated as one of the most desirable locations anywhere in the world. Even a New Zealand 'local' will tell you that the area in which Wyuna Preserve is situated is near the top of the list of New Zealand's most beautiful places.
Stop and think: Less than 45 miles, as the crow flies, you'll find the 8th Wonder of the World - Milford Sound. It is all, quite literally, right here.

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