The Wyuna Lifestyle

New Zealand is perhaps the best place in the world to immerse yourself in the outdoors, which makes Wyuna quite possibly the ultimate outdoor destination. You will love our part of New Zealand.

You'll find every variety of terrain imaginable right on your doorstep. With only a fraction of the land available at Wyuna to be built upon, the vast majority is legally protected from future development. This is maintained by a tradition of enjoying and cherishing the environment.

If your idea of the outdoor life is anything from climbing a mountain to enjoying a spot of wine tasting or a leisurely walk, you will absolutely love Wyuna. This is one place where the outdoors is always beckoning. You can experience the wilderness and solitude any way you like. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world, and the Queenstown & Lakes District one of the safest places in New Zealand - there are no dangerous animals or insects here. It's just you and maybe a wild deer or two.
Despite the fact that Wyuna is an outdoors paradise, the Lakes District region still offers everything that anyone could ask for, whether it's world class restaurants, shopping hot-spots, or just a lively upbeat town with everything you could ever want.