Health Retreat

Aro Hā believe in unearthing the essentials of wellness and packaging those essentials into concise programs that are proven to yield exceptional results.  Research continues to uncover the power of programs like ours. Whole foods vegetarian diet, exercise, meditation, and supportive relationships have now been shown to effect our bodies on a cellular level. A recent study by Dean Ornish, M.D. has shown the ability of healthy lifestyle choices to increase the length of telomeres. This was previously thought to be impossible, and directly impacts the aging process, and age related diseases like cancer and dementia.

Taking these sorts of findings into account, our all-inclusive programs harness the collective wisdom of our Aro Hā Wellness Team to help you move toward optimum health. You will have no decisions to make, no business or family to attend to, just a step-by-step process that leaves you glowing.

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